■ Registration for general participants

General participants from overseas: Online participation and viewing free (advance registration required)

Registration Process

  • Fill out the registration form Send registration
  • An automated reply will be sent by the Secretariat. Receive reply (Registration complete)
  • Online participation fee will not be refunded after payment.

■ Registration for APOSHO Members

Participation Type APOSHO Members
A. Organization B. Individual C. Honorary Members
Online JPY 88,800
(approx. USD 800)
Not Applicable Fee Waived
On-site Not Applicable JPY 55,500
(approx. USD 500)
Fee Waived

※Due to the rapidly expanding COVID-19, the meeting will be held fully online.
※Please register for participation, and view the sessions online.


  • APOSHO Member: Full Member, Associate Member, Affiliate Member
  • Accompanying person : JPY 33,300 (approx. USD 300) /person
  • Early bird rates are not available at APOSHO35.
  • The Welcome Reception and Gala Dinner will not be held this year to reduce the risk of infection from COVID-19.
  • On-site participants will receive boxed lunches and snacks for 4 days.
  • AGM/Committee Meetings: Each organization can use 5 accounts during AGM/Committee Meetings. Webcams and microphones (when speaking) should only be turned on for the organization’s representative. The remaining 4 people will only watch the proceeding, so please keep the webcam and microphone turned off.
  • You can pay only by credit card(visa/Master/JCB).

For other details about registration,
please refer to the Q&A and registration flow chart here.

Registration Process

  • Fill out the registration form
  • Registration complete The Secretariat will send an email with payment instructions.
  • Prepare payment
    (by credit card visa/Master/JCB).
  • Payment complete After payment is confirmed, the Secretariat will send an email confirming your registration.

Registration Deadline & Cancellation Policy

Please contact the Secretariat (Convention Linkage, Inc.) by email (aposho35-tokyo@c-linkage.co.jp)
with changes to your registration or visa-related issues.

・ Visa requests must be made by 17:00pm(JST) on August 26. 2021

※Due to the rapidly expanding COVID-19, the meeting will be held fully online.
※Please register for participation, and view the sessions online.

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Registration Type Participation
Cancellation Policy
Online A. Organization JPY88,800
(approx. USD 800)
7/1 ~ 9/30 7/1 ~ 9/30
  • Changing participation category from On-site to Online:
    Change can be approved before payment is made without penalty applied before Aug. 31.
  • Online participation fee can NOT be refunded after payment.
D. Honorary Members Fee Waived
On-site B. Individual JPY55,500
(approx. USD 500)
7/1 ~ 9/30 7/1 ~ 9/30
  • Changing On-site to Online participation before payment can be approved
    without any commission by Aug. 31.
  • On-site participation fee once paid can NOT be refunded.
C. Honorary Members Fee Waived
E. Accompanying Person JPY33,300
(approx. USD 300)
  • If a visa application is denied:
    The same cancellation policy as registration will apply.


■ Participants from some countries may need to obtain a visa to enter Japan.

Visa requirements and categories may vary depending on your country/region of origin, purpose of travel and length of stay.
There are 68 countries for which visa waivers are in place if your stay in Japan will be 90 days or less and you will not engage in income-earning activities.
Please check the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan below for details or contact your local Japanese embassy or consulate.
Visa waiver countries/regions:

■ Visa application procedures:

※Please note that depending on the country, visa applications must be made through designated partner organizations of the Japanese embassy.

■ List of Japanese embassies and consulates:


*Due to the spread of COVID-19, entry into Japan is currently restricted.
For more information, please refer to the following:
Border enforcement measures to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

Please note that the standard visa processing period may take more than one month.

Secretariat can issue a letter of invitation and other required documents upon request for participants who require a visa.

In order to issue an invitation letter, delegates must:
  • Complete registration and fee must be paid in full.
  • Obtain a certificate of employment/enrollment issued by your company/institute.


  • Visa requests must be made by 17.00pm (JST) on August 26, 2021.
  • A letter of invitation will be issued after registration and payment are confirmed.
    Please note that the letter of invitation for the visa application is not an indication of financial support.

Inquiries about Registration

Secretariat of the APOSHO35
(35th Conference and Annual General Meeting of Asia Pacific Occupational Safety and Health Organization)

c/o Convention Linkage, Inc.
Staff: Fujita, Oda

2 Sanbancho, Chiyodaku, Tokyo 102-0075 JAPAN

Phone: +81-3-3263-8686

FAX: +81-3-3263-8693

E-mail: aposho35-tokyo@c-linkage.co.jp