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Overall Program

Date/Time PM(JST)
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No.1 Management and Development Committee
No.2 Membership Committee
No.3 OSHMS Committee
No.4 Technical Committee
No.5 Education Committee
No.6 Occupational Health Committee
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APOSHO35 Opening ceremony / Plenary session etc.
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Technical Session
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Annual General Meeting(AGM)

For APOSHO Member (Online Participant)

For APOSHO Member (On-site Participant)

27th October(Wed.) 13:00~17:00


The Chindon performance – the Japanese performing arts

The Chindon performance – the Japanese performing arts

The Chindon performance – the Japanese performing arts


Chindonya’s name comes from the “chin” sound of the cymbals and the “don” sound of the taiko. They dress in elaborate costumes and makeup, and play cymbals, taiko drums, clarinets, and even saxophones to advertise shops while walking around town.


Opening Speeches


APOSHO35 Chairman,
President of JISHA


Mr. Bernie Doyle

APOSHO Secretary General

Mr. Bernie Doyle


Keynote Speech
Trends in Japan's Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Labor Standards Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare


Special Lecture
Japanese safety culture: Present status and future prospects

Akira TOSE

Ph.D., Associate Professor,
Engineering Management Program,
Faculty of Engineering
Niigata University

Akira TOSE


"What is Japanese safety culture?" While touching upon its characteristics and differences from overseas safety culture, the presenter will talk to you about the need for safety culture and how the safety culture in Japan and the world should change in the future.


Special Lecture
ILO's OSH Activities in Asia

Dr. Tsuyoshi KAWAKAMI

Occupational Safety & Health Specialist
ILO Decent Work Technical Support Team
for South Asia

Dr. Tsuyoshi KAWAKAMI


Dr. Kawakami introduces the activities of the ILO (International Labor Organization) in the field of safety and health in countries centered on rapidly growing Asia, including measures for Covid-19 in the workplace.


Special Event
Ishinomaki-city~the Great East Japan Earthquake and its subsequent reconstruction

Director, Ishinomaki Community and Information Center

Director, Ishinomaki Community and Information Center



This year marks the 10th year since the Great East Japan Earthquake, which occurred on March 11, 2011, which was the largest in the history of observation around Japan. At that time, Mr. Richard HALBERSTADT, who was originally from the United Kingdom and was affected by the disaster in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, talked about the reconstruction of Ishinomaki City during and after the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the horror of natural disasters and the importance of crisis management. Many people will learn about this.

Technical Presentation
 (Guest)28th October(Thu.)


Title: Eight Trends for the Future World of Work: What EHS Leaders Need to Know

Mr. John Dony

Senior Director, Thought Leadership
National Safety Council(NSC)(USA)

Mr. John Dony


Title: TBA

Mr. James Quinn

Institution of Occupational Safety and
Health (IOSH) (UK)

Mr. James Quinn


Technical Presentation(PartⅠ)

Time Title Presenter
15:15 ~ 15:45 Which Chocolate is the Best? Dr. Marilyn Hubner
Managing Director
BuildUp Research and Interactive
Training Services (Australia)
15:45 ~ 16:15 Building Safety Awareness in Early Education and Equipping Students with OSH Knowledge through the “Interactive Learning Experience” and “Youth OSH Promotional Campaign” in Hong Kong SAR Ms. Bonnie Yau
Executive Director
Occupational Safety and Health Council,
Hong Kong SAR, China(HKOSHC)
16:15 ~ 16:45 APOSHO member promotion video

28th October(Thu.) 13:00~19:50


Technical Presentation(PartⅡ)

Time Title Presenter
13:00 ~ 13:30 Activities for Preventing Labor Accidents by Sumitomo Chemical group Mr. Shinichi Nagaoka
Environment and Safety,
Responsible Care Dept.
Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.
13:30 ~ 14:00 【Guest Presentation】
Eight Trends for the Future World of Work: What EHS Leaders Need to Know
Mr. John Dony
Senior Director,
Thought Leadership
National Safety Council(NSC)(USA)
14:00 ~ 14:30 Countermeasures Against COVID-19 at Workplace in Korea Ms.Yoon-jung Choi
Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency
14:30 ~ 15:00 Advocating Occupational Safety and Health in Hong Kong Mr. Andy LO, MSc,
Chartered Fellow of IOSH,
Founder Chair of IOSH HK Branch.
15:00 ~ 15:30 Building Safety Culture at Toyota Motor Corporation and Global Efforts to Promote self-reliance Safety Mr. Yusuke Ishikawa
Group Manager, Safety Group 1 Safety and Hygiene Support Dept.
Safety and Health Promotion Div.
Toyota Motor Corporation (Japan)
15:30 ~ 16:00 TBA Mr. Chi-Min Shu
Executive Director
Chinese Taipei Industrial Safety and Health Association(ISHA)
16:00 ~ 16:30 Mental Health Measures in Komatsu Ltd.-Sustainable Activities Using OSHMS Dr. Ko Hiraoka
Industrial Physician, Health promotion center
Komatsu Ltd. (Japan)


Technical Presentation(PartⅢ)

Time Title Presenter
16:45 ~ 17:15 【Guest Presentation】
Mr. James Quinn, President
Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)
17:15 ~ 17:45 Developing a Sustainable OSH Culture of Prevention for Thai SMEs with Vision Zero Strategy Dr. Chalermchai Chaikittiporn
The Safety and Health at Work Promotion Association (SHAWPAT) (Thai)
17:45 ~ 18:15 Introduction of Japan's own OSHMS Standards, Including ISO45001 Mr. Shingo Saito
Director, OSHMS Audit and Certification Center
Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association(JISHA)
18:15 ~ 18:45 Application of Drone Technology as a New Safety Inspection Tolls at Construction Site in Malaysia Mr. Mohamad Hanafi Ali
Malaysia National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
18:45 ~ 19:15 The Status of Silica Dust Pollution at the Stone Mining and Processing Facilities in Central Vietnam Mr. Thanh Trung Nguyen
Vietnam National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (VNNIOSH)
19:15 ~ 19:20 Closing Speeches APOSHO Secretary General
APOSHO35 Chairman,
President of JISHA
19:20 ~ 19:50 APOSHO member promotion video

Technical Presentation
 (On-demand)(For a month starting from early Nov.)

You can watch the following technical presentations, missed lectures or presentations you want to see again on the APOSHO35 website for free for during APOSHO35 and one month after the end of APOSHO (registration required). Presentation materials will also be posted.

Technical Presentation(On-demand)

Time Title Presenter
30min “ROC Talk – Risk & Opportunity Conversations in a Positive Safety Culture” Mr. Jim Whiting
APOSHO Honorary Member
30min Need Analysis of OSH for Ageing Workers in Malaysia Manufacturing Sectors Ms. Siti Faeza Yani Jumat
National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) (Malaysia)
30min Provide OSH Support for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises through Innovative Safety Equipment in Hong Kong Dr. Winson Yeung Principal
Occupational Safety and Health Council,
Hong Kong SAR, China(HKOSHC)
30min Pressured Temptations - A Conservative Approach Mr. R.Baskran Nair
Managing Director
Corporate Lingua (Malaysia)
30min TBA Mr. Suresh Kumar
General Manager (Safety)
SAIL Safety Organization (India)
30min Sedentary Behavior and Work-Related Quality of Life among Office Workers Dr. Irniza Rasdi
University Putra Malaysia and MSOSH
30min Construction Safety Performance Contributed by Key Stakeholders’ Leadership Ms. Yuk Ling Chung
Project Assistant
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
30min Holistic Review of Safety and Health to Prevent a Major Accident Mr.MD Idris Salim
Malaysian Society for Occupational Safety & Health(MSOSH)

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27th Oct.(Wed.) 16:15~16:45
28th Oct.(Thu) 12:30~13:00

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